Since its creation in 1948, Israel has committed the most atrocious crimes on the Palestinian population. Murders and brutalities that extend far beyond October 7th.

As the world sliently watches a systematic genocide, we will continue to raise our voices and our stories – of murder, mutilation, targeted attacks of civilians, and the grim reality of a ruthless and bloody apartheid.

To humanise these lives, that the media and propaganda machines globally have so recklessly dismissed as necessary collateral in an illegal 75 year occupation, we’re making their faces known. Download, print and share to honour their sacrifice.

About the project

The poster files were created by a small group of concerned citizens based in Sydney, Australia. We are leaving their identities a secret to protect them from the relentless propaganda and unjust persecution that follows those who stand up and say that “Palestinian lives matter too”.

The artists have been witnessing the inhumane oppression carried out by the Israeli state since their birth, as their parents and grandparents did, and are taking action to say enough is enough.


  • We are here to raise awareness and end the warcrimes of israel!

  • Please download & print as many copies as you can, in color or black and white, at home or at a local print store.

  • Using tape or a staple gun, place as many posters as possible in the public space (be mindful of local laws and legislation!).

  • Our goal is to create a widespread targeted effort to maximise awareness among the global community.

  • Please act as soon as possible over the next few days.

  • Document and share among further circles to the best of your ability

  • Be safe – don’t provoke or instigate any conflicts with people or officials. Act quickly and stay alert.